Consulting Services


Expert First Generation Appraisal, Authentication, and Consulting Services:

If you’ve just purchased a first generation Camaro, we offer the most knowledgeable appraisal services in the country. We can also document your car and write a certificate of authenticity if requested. If you’re in the market to purchase a first generation Camaro, we can provide knowledgeable and thorough consulting services. All perspective buyers should be aware before you spend your hard-earned money on a collectable Camaro. With the high cost of collector cars these days, a professional should be called in to examine your potential purchase. Most people would not spend $10,000 on a diamond ring without a professional opinion. The same holds true for collectable cars. Jerry MacNeish has been used as an expert witness in several court cases to evaluate the sale of bogus Camaros. With over 40 years experience in drag racing, restoration, and Camaro research, we can authenticate and provide expert advice to you, the potential buyer.

CAMARO HI-PERFORMANCE can also give you technical support with your Camaro restoration project. Over the years, we’ve aided many hobbyists in restoring their cars to concourse perfection. We offer reasonable and competitive rates for all of our services.